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Healing Lesvos 2020

How to find current info about Lesvos and its population.

My two colleagues and I, students at TU Delft, are working on an analysis of Lesbos Island and more precisely the refugee crisis that overwhelms locals, disturbs the island economy and put asylum seekers in inhumane conditions. From where we stand the situation seams not to benefit to anyone. The aim of the course we are following is to pick a location that face environmental, economical or social problems, to analyse... more »
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Healing Lesvos 2020

Marine litters on shoreline: citizen science on monitoring beach

Plastics pose a considerable threat to the livelihood of the aquatic species and ecosystems as they can transport bio-accumulative harmful pollutants over long time intervals. Toxic smaller sized ocean plastics can be easily mistaken for food and hence can be transferred across aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates. As for the larger sized pieces like ghost nets, these have been found to be responsible for large amounts... more »