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Healing Lesvos 2020

Commission Army - Navy vessels for Immigrants & Refugees

What about commissioning vacant and unused Army/ Navy vessels, or even vacant properties across the globe to accommodate people until proper resettlement solutions are found in view of international obligations, while we allow the islanders to get back to rebuilding their livelihoods so we can help those who can't?
Who is brave and 'mature' enough to put a stop to the absurdity of building more detention processing centres,... more »
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Healing Lesvos 2020

How Might We Co-Create with Cruise Lines

Cruise lines sell different types of adventures to different types of people. Some people like one things, others another. What if we collaborated with cruise lines to develop unique travel adventures and excursions that compliment or align with the issues we face on Lesvos?

For instance, there are many people who are environmentally conscious and committed to help protect the ocean. Can we create an excursion for people... more »