Healing Lesvos 2020

How to find current info about Lesvos and its population.

My two colleagues and I, students at TU Delft, are working on an analysis of Lesbos Island and more precisely the refugee crisis that overwhelms locals, disturbs the island economy and put asylum seekers in inhumane conditions. From where we stand the situation seams not to benefit to anyone. The aim of the course we are following is to pick a location that face environmental, economical or social problems, to analyse what drivers cause those problems and to make a proposal to solve them. Therefor our goal is to develop a concept that can improve the situation in Lesbos for everyone: locals, refugee, volunteers, NGOs, etc. We are aware that the answer we will give might not take into consideration all the issues as we can only base it on the informations we've found online until now. Our objectif - beside from completing our cours - is hopefully to be helpful for future reflexion about the island situation. That's why we're seeking for a maximum of informations in order to propose a strong and hopefully achievable concept (that locals or anyone could use on site).


To set up our proposal, our main problem is to find informations about the Island and its population. Especially we are looking for vacant buildings that could host our concept. It would give us a strong, cheap and sustainable base. We also look for information about local economies and importations from oversea in order to understand how to improve the island self-sufficiency (mainly in food and electricity). And finally using local meterials would be the best (for local economy and environmental impact) but we don't know what is/can be produce on the island. If you have any informations that could help us we will be eternally grateful if you share them.


To make it short, our idea is to use vacant houses on the island to relocate refugees, to create a new network of infrastructures that would boost local economy, autonomy and fulfills basic needs for everyone, and to give space for a new relationship between locals and refugees by helping each others improving the island situation socially, ecologically and economically.


PS: This project is part of a master course at TU Delft called ARES toward an habitable planet. In this course we will not go beyond the project stage (concept, drawings, etc.).

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