Healing Lesvos 2020

Commission Army - Navy vessels for Immigrants & Refugees

What about commissioning vacant and unused Army/ Navy vessels, or even vacant properties across the globe to accommodate people until proper resettlement solutions are found in view of international obligations, while we allow the islanders to get back to rebuilding their livelihoods so we can help those who can't?

Who is brave and 'mature' enough to put a stop to the absurdity of building more detention processing centres, and ensure the North Aegean islands don't become, islands and prisons of suicide because of global inertia?

What happened to the most basic 1st step : resettling stressed immigrants and refugees, and offering relief to our vulnerable local communities?


The humanitarian situation that has gotten out of hand, and it should have been sealed from the early beginning in 2015 when it broke.

Systems should have been put in place to ensure partnerships so as to handle it as united 'Europeans' & 'global' citizens.


I don't believe anybody says it's easy, yet are citizens of Greece & the rest of the world that are not directly affected saying the solution is do nothing for 5 years, leave everybody in limbo on our remote, under-represented and vulnerable frontier islands, and because no solution found we are ok to repeat mistakes by creating a system that was tried and failed (*See Manus Island Prison example in PNG)?

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