What's Your Problem?

What's Your Problem?

An Engagement Program to Create Problem Statements

What's the biggest problem facing your organization today? Share your perspective, collect feedback from others, and learn how to create an actionable Problem Statement.

Campaign Brief

Everybody has a problem, and every one of them can be solved with a good idea.

The basis for most ideas is a problem. Albeit loosely defined at this point, most problems are identified as something is wrong, missing or that needs to be better than it is today.

To make a problem actionable, i.e., you can do something about it, you must be able to communicate to others what you see and feel and think. You need a succinct statement that can be understood by the people involved in the problem so you can move forward, together, in the right direction, to solve the problem.

This program provides people a voice to share the problems they see. We provide a platform for people to be heard, sharing their voices with others who share their voices in collaboration and constructive conflict. Moderated by The Idea Guy®, the community is designed to be inclusive, diverse, and authentic by sharing contributor profiles for context. Each stage of the program facilitates the work necessary to create an actionable problem statement. Invite each individual to voice their point of view to the community, and provide the community mechanisms opportunity for feedback. Like problems will be combined to focus people interested in collaborating on the same problems. These "groups" of focused people will work through our framework to determine "How might we" help who, do what, achieve what goal.

Problem Statements will be evaluated by the community, using votes and comments. Subject matter experts can help identify required investments and projected returns based on what they know. Teams can be recruited that may be best suited to develop the idea and funding commitments can be solicited from within the community to help bring the idea to life.

In the end, motivated people can form teams with a well-vetted Problem Statement to plan how to apply funding an expertise to creating a solution.

Make sense? Great, now... WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?